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Shipping & Returns


1:How fast to sort the order ?

 We will send the order out during 2-3 working days after you issue the order.

2:What shipping way do you use or How fast to arrive at clients address?

 All the order will be sent by DHL,UPS,FEDEX OR TNT,the order will arrive at your door during 7-9 working days.

 All the order are sent from china directly. 


1:If you find any serious quality problems about order and want to get full payment back.please send email to

 please ensure that Send your name ,order number and order date.we will process your return during 3-4 working days.

2:If you only get some damaged dice quantity back .please send the email to we will send you the dice again during 3-4working days.

 Please ensure that send your name ,order number and order date.

3:All the problem will be sent to us during 15days after you get the order .or we won't accept any returns

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